Adiperukku commonly known as the Aadi monsoon festival and also written as Aadiperukku is a Hindu Tamil festival celebrated on the 18th day of the Tamil month of Adi (mid-July to mid-August). The festival pays tribute to water’s life-sustaining properties. For the blessing of mankind with peace, prosperity and happiness, nature worship in the form of Amman deities are organized to shower Nature’s bountiful grace on human beings.

Adiperukku is a unique South Indian and specially a Tamil festival celebrated on the 18th day of the Tamil month of Adi (mid July). The festival coincides with the annual freshes of the rivers and to pay tribute to water’s life-sustaining properties. It is celebrated near river basins, water tanks, lakes and wells etc. of Tamil Nadu when the water level in the rises significantly heralding the onset of Monsoon.

The goddess, as Pachai Amman, is a manifestation of divine design, to establish peace and harmony in the world. Pachai amman or Kanni amman appeared in many local spots which exhibited holy centers by inherent energy presence and influence of over that localities. In the manifestation of Pachai Amman in Thirumullaivaayal, the amman deity was successful in establishing peace and prosperity in this world. She is called the goddess of marriage as she blesses those awaiting marriage to enter into wedlock. There is a tall statue of Ayyanar housed in Pachai amman temple of Thirumullaivaayal which is an added attraction. A tank near the temple is said to possess medicinal properties. Devotees surge to have a rendezvous with the goddess on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays and more specially on Aadi month.

Ayyanar the folk deity of Tamil Nadu has his shrine on the outskirts of every village. At Dakshina Chitra we have traditional Tappattam folk performance by Ranga Rajan and troupe from Thanjavur performing during the long 10-day celebration. A procession taking terracotta offerings to the Ayyanar shrine at Dakshina Chitra will be taken out. During the procession other folk arts such as Oyilattam and Devarattam will also be performed. Terracotta figures will be offered to Ayyanar in the end by Ramu Velar the master potter at Dakshina Chitra as done in the villages. The fabulous splendour of the monsoon celebration will finally culminate by the sowing of the navadhanyam or 9 cereals for Adiperukku bringing a joyful conclusion to the 10-day-long celebration. The event is sponsored by Tamil Nadu Tourism.