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Adventure Of India



India is a vast and varied country, having many places to visit and explore. Hiking destinations in India is broad and vast. When it comes to hiking in India, India has plenty of places where this activity is possible. Hiking is a good way to experience and appreciate the outdoors and get in touch with nature.


The Indian sub-continent is home to the Himalayas, the highest and mightiest mountain range in the world. No surprise then, that India is one of the most desired mountaineering destinations that attracts amateurs, veterans, as well as professional mountain climbers from all over the world.


Parasailing Joyrides is one of the fastest growing sports in the nation. Although recreational parasails have been around for more than 30 years, more efficient modern designs has made it simpler than taking a joyride in a roller coaster. If you have never flown, the freedom of flight awaits you.


Skiing in India is an activity that mostly takes place in the northern states of India, where the Himalayas are situated. Skiing is administered by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation in India.

Underwater Diving Sites

Go scuba diving - it’s the best way to explore the beautiful azure underwater world in India. Try going scuba in the crystal clear waters of Indian coasts and shores that will leave you mesmerized.

River Rafting

White water rafting gives you an adrenaline rush and washes your fear. Best part is that anyone can go for white water rafting; you don’t necessarily have to know swimming.