Anandpur Sahib Fort was laid by the Guru Gobind Singh. This fort was present at the center of the main town. To protect the fort from the foreign stuffs, there was inaccessible door present and the fort was surrounded by the thick walls. This fort was about 40 km away from the town of Rupnagar and it was situated on the river Sutlej bank. There was a unique well present in this fort that is very deep and has a very steep staircase in that well.Later on the under the Guru Gobind Singh leadership, Khalsa Section made the headquarters of military in this Anandpur Sahib Fort. During the time of war, there was storage of ammunition and arms by the fort surroundings. According to the myths, in this fort, Guru Gobind Singh spent about 16 years. About various onslaughts of military were witnessed by this fort from several kings. The Ajmer Chand in year 1705 had demolished the popular Anandpur Sahib Fort.

The Anandpur Sahib Fort was surrender by the order of tenth Guru at the time of Aurangzeb ruling, but this fort was saved by the endless efforts of Guru Gobind Singh with his army who fought for this fort with the Mughals. Through the bravery and intelligence, Guru Gobind Singh become the hero of the Sikh history.

This fort becomes the military headquarters of the Sikh Army after the establishment of the fort on 31st March 1689. This fort was situated just on the top of the hill and is well built, and about 16 years were spent by the Guru Gobind Singh. Mughals attacked the town and the Aurangzeb who is a emperor at that time ordered to imprison the Guru Gobind Singh and 10th and final Sikh guru. The Sikh Guru want to ensure that they were become stiff towards Mughals if they overcome the town and for this reason, Sikh Guru has to show his heroism and he make a division of Khalsa army into 5 battalions.

There is a fort of steel named Lohgarh on the southern part of the city. This fort is also served as the ammunition for the army of Sikh and also a factor for arms manufacture and it is also designed in a way for the protection of the Anandpur riverside. During the blockade of Anandpur in the year 1700, a drunken elephant was turned back by the Bhai Bachchittar Singh faced and also he was sent for the thrash of the fort gate.