About 30 kms to the West ,about an hour’s drive from Aizawl sprawls a prominent mountain on which Reiek village is located. This is one destination that one should not miss visiting. The mountain itself, though appearing to be of gentle slopes on its eastern side , has spectacular rocky cliffs notched with caves and caverns in an environment of luxuriant natural forest preserved since the days of the Mizo chiefs.

It is here that the colorful Festival , Anthurium Festival is celebrated in the state. It is a successful tourism promotion venture celebrated every year at the tourist resort in Reiek Village at the foothills of the mystic Reiek Mountain in September, every year as festival, amidst, nature during the peak season of the beautiful and exotic Anthurium blossom.

It is a three days extravaganza that showcase various culture and traditional activities.

Other attractions include music, dance, traditional games and sports, handloom, handicrafts and a re-invention of a Mizo typical Village. The festival also includes archery, rifle shooting, and angling competitions. Cultural display of traditional attires of different tribes are also a regular feature of the festival.

The festival is indeed an experience not to be missed. The enchanting and mystic Reiek Mountain is surrounded by thick lush green temperate trees and bushes that echoes with legends, folk lore’s and feats won by Mizo chief , for whom Rei-ek Mountain was a hunting preserve. Against the backdrop of this picture perfect isle of nature preserved as gifted by mother nature, the most popular festival of Mizoram. The spontaneity and spirit of celebration that the festival evoke rejuvenates the mind and the body, so, take the opportunity to get away from the stress and monotony of your daily chores.

MIZORAM, Hidden Gem of The North East India Well Comes YOU to witness the amazing culture and tradition of the Mizos, the Anthurium Festival is a must attend.