Archaeological Museum, New Delhi is located at the upper floor of the Purana Qila. You can site this wonderful museum inside the fort. Once you enter the fort, at the right hand side of the main entrance, you will find this museum. Archaeological Museum, New Delhi is one of the most popular museums and art galleries in India, which is a must visit attraction for the tourists visiting Delhi. This museum displays various displays of the articles of the excavations.

At Purana Qila, various excavations were carried out by the Archaeological Survey of India. In 1955, excavations were carried out and again the workings began from 1969 to 1973. Archaeological Museum, New Delhi displays the materials that were excavated from the site. From the various displays and exhibits of the excavations, you can get to know various interesting facts about the early settlement. You can find articles that date back to 1000 BC.

The displays at Archaeological Museum, New Delhi are kept maintaining a sequence order. The articles are represented by Painted Grey ware. The displays are kept in a definite sequence. You can find the articles from Mauryan to Mughal through Sunga, Kushana, Gupta, Rajput and Sultanate periods.

Various potteries were recovered from the excavation site. These potteries are displayed at this museum giving an insight about the ancient work of potteries. Archaeological Museum, New Delhi also has displays of ancient times that have been found from various destinations of Delhi.

You can site the Archaeological Museum near the historic building Red fort. Various archeological find from the Mughal periods are also put on display. You can see the beautiful art of calligraphy at the displayed manuscripts. Other things, which are put on show, are paintings, textiles and costumes. There is a separate section in the Archaeological Museum, New Delhi, where you can find relics of the First War of Independence. The maps and weapons of this war are also put on display.

To get to this museum, you need not pay any entry fee. You can see these finest displays absolutely free. It remains closed on Fridays and government holidays. On other days, it remains open from 9 am to 5 pm.