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There are some very interesting museums within the city of Varanasi, displaying all kinds of artefacts from bygone days, often of a religious nature. Just a matter of minutes from Varanasi, the Sarnath Archaeological Museum is likely to be of interest, as are the exhibits relating to the Maharajas of Banaras within the city’s famous Ramnagar Fort.

The Sarnath Archaeological Museum contains a number of truly ancient pieces. The main highlight is without question the capital, which once crowned Ashokan pillar and consists of four lions, standing back-to-back and widely regarded an a modern symbol of the country of India. The museum itself is located within nearby Sarnath, to the north-east of Varanasi, and also contains some other important pieces, excavated close by. Look out for the Buddha figurines and images showing the famous Hindi gods of Ganesh and Saraswati, amongst others.