Folk dances of Assam. Folk dances of Assam, include the Bihu dance and the Bagurumba (both danced during festivals held in the spring), the Bhortal dance, the Ojapali dance etc. Assam is home to many groups: Mongoloid, Indo-Burmese, Indo-Iranian, Aryan, Rabha, Bodo, Kachari, Karbi, Mising, Sonowal Kacharis and Mishimi.

Bagurumba is a folk dance of indigenous Bodo tribe in Assam and Northeast India. It is a traditional dance which is traditionally inherent to one generation to another generations. The Bodo women performs the Bagurumba dance with their colourful dokhna, jwmgra (fasra) and aronai. The Bagurumba dance is accepted as main traditional dance of Bodo people. But there are some other important dances like- Bardwisikhla dance, Mwsaglangnai dance, Dahal-tungri sibnai dance, Sikri sikla dance, Daosri delai dance, Sa-gwlao mwsanai, Kopri sibnai mwsanai and so on. All these dances are known as Kristi dance. It is also accompanied by musical instruments like (kham,(a long drum, made of wood and goat skin or other animal’s skin) sifung (flute, made of bamboo), jota,(made of iron/tama) serja (a bowed instrument, made of wood and animals skin), and gongwna (made of bamboo), tharkha (a piece of split bamboo)

This Bagurumba dance is originated from nature, some thousands years ago it was practiced by the Boro people. Generally boro people are like to stay in green environment. They love to play with environment, beauty of nature. So they used to stay foothills of the Eastern and southern Himalaya which are generally forest area. There are so many deferent symbols in this traditional dance, which are imitated from other natural environment. Like – dance of plants, dance of animals, birds, butterfly dance, wave of flowing river, wind etc.

By seeing this bagurumba dance all boro people can’t stay cum and quite. By seeing,this dance Suddenly every Bodo people use to dance unknowingly, and we feel peace and happiness in our mind.

There is no certain days and time period to perform these dance, this dance can be perform in any occasions, festivals and programmes. At present Bagurumba dance is famous whole over the world.