Bhagoria Fest is a festival celebrated by the tribal people of the Indian state Madhya Pradesh (originally known as ‘Malwa’). Also known as Bhagoria Haat Festival, during this festival, young boys and girls are allowed to elope after choosing their partners. The Bhagoria Haat Festival belongs to the local tribes called Bhils and Bhilalas.
Bhagoria Haat Festival is organized in the district of West Nimar(Khargon) and Jhabua. The haat is organized in the form of a ‘swayamvar’ or a marriage market where young girls and boys are allowed to choose their partners. Bhagoria Haat Festival has an agricultural significance attached to it, that is, it coincides with the end of harvesting. So some people also celebrate it to mark the completion of harvesting.

But the star attraction of Bhagoria Haat Festival of Madhya Pradesh is the running away of young boys and girls with their partner who are later accepted as husband and wife by the society. During the Bhagoria Haat Festival in Madhya Pradesh, the boys put red powder on the face of the girl to whom he wants to get married, if the girl too wishes to marry the same boy, she has to put the same red powder on the boy’s face after which both of them run away from that place. But if the girl does not agree in the first chance, the boy can go behind her to persuade her and may win her heart.
Bhagoria Haat Festival at Madhya Pradesh is celebrated in the month of March before the Holi festival.