Baishagu Festival of Assam is one of the popular festival of Assam. This festival celebrated in Assam with much pomp and enthusiasm in all over the north east India. This festival is commonly celebrated by the tribe of ‘Boro Baishagu Festival of AssamKacharis’ of Assam and it is the famous festival of the Boros. There are various procedure for celebration of the Baishagu Festival of Assam. On the first day of this festival the Boros of Assam worship their cows. On the next day of the Baishagu Festival of Assam that is the starting date of the month of “Bohag”. In this festival the young s of a family respectfully bowing down their Guardians or Parents. On this day the Boros of Assam worship Lord Shiva. They offer beer, rice and chicken to the deity. After that all the people join the famous Assamese dance which is known as the Baishagu dance. In this dance there is no limitation of any age or any sex. In this festival of Baishagu many traditional musical instruments are used. Such music instruments are : Khawbang, Jotha, Gogona, Siphung, Kham etc. At the end of this Baishagu Festival of Assam the Assamese peoples gather together in a specified Place for a community prayer which is called as “Garjasali” in Assamese language.

This famous Baishagu Festival of Assam is celebrated in the month of April or which is in the month of Baishak according to Assamese calender by the tribe of Boro Kacharis. This festival is celebrated to welcome the new year.