Bat savitri is mainly the festival of married women. All the married women keep fasts since the morning for the long life of their husbands. In the evening, they worship goddess savitri who fought with yamraj for the life of her husband. According to the tradition, women offer water to the banyan tree as it is believed that satyavan took shelter under the banyan tree when he was about to die. This festival is celebrated with a great zeal and enthusiasm.

This Festival Women Observe Fast From Morning And Pray For The Goodness Of Their Husband. Goddess Savitri And The Banyan Tree Have Special Importance For This Festival. Goddess Savitri Was The One Who Fought Against Death And Forced Yama To Return The Life Of Her Husband. On The Other Hand, The Banyan Tree Is Assumed As Holy Tree And The Story Of Goddess Savitri Is Also Associated With This.

The Festival Bat Savitri Is Celebrated Every Year On Krishna Amavasya Which Held In The Month Of Jyestha. If You Are Following English Calendar Then You’ll Find Celebration Of This Festival In The Month Of June.