Bathing at Sohna, Haryana will be quite refreshing for the travelers and tourists. Sohna is a small holiday destination set at the top of the Aravalli Hills. The term ‘Sohna’ is derived from Hindi which means gold. This place is set very near to Delhi which is the capital of the country of India. Traveling to Sohna in the state of Haryana will be very easy and convenient. A number Festivals in Haryana take place each year. The festivals are very colorful and reflect the traditions and culture of the people living here. Bathing at Sohna, Haryana is one such festival in this state of India.

Sohna is well known for its hot sulphur springs. These hot springs are known to have healing properties. These springs are renowned for its medicinal qualities and the temperature of these springs fall in between 46.10° C to 51.70° C. These springs are situated at the bottom of a vertical rock. These springs are covered by a dome which is considered to have been established in the fourteenth century.

It is said that if you get a smell of a flaring match from this spring, then it will be useful for the skin. The spring water leaves the skin dry as well as smooth. You will feel refreshed if you go bathing at Sohna in Haryana.

Out here in Sohna you will find a spa complex. This complex offers sauna, sulphur and steam bath facilities to the visitors. This complex is set up on the rock. You will also find a small swimming pool here which has this spring water.

A good number of people gather in Sohna on Somwati Amawas. People on this day come here to take a bath in these hot sulphur springs. But if the harvesting season falls on this day, the count of people visiting Sohna there is a considerable drop in the numbers. While on Haryana Tours you will get many opportunities to see and do various things. The other festivals celebrated in this state of Haryana in the country of India include Pinjore Heritage Festival, Haryana, Kurukshetra Festival, Haryana, Rose Festival, Haryana, Surajkund Mela, Haryana and the Masani Fair, Haryana.