Bhaduli, steeped in mystery and history, is an ideal getaway in Chatra District of Jharkhand. This historical place has some Buddhist relics. It is about 35 km east of Chatra and 16 km west of Chauparan and is located on the Chatra-Chauparan road. Chatra, the gateway of Jharkhand particularly of Chotanagpur, has a glorious past having an eminent historical heritage. The land has been the silent spectator of the vicissitudes of the historical unfolding of human drama.

Chatra Bus Station is about 35 km south of Bhaduli, and Gaya Junction Railway Station is the nearest railhead.

According to Census 2011 information the location code or village code of Bhaduli village is 349100. Bhaduli village is located in Itkhori Tehsil of Chatra district in Jharkhand, India. It is situated 35km away from district headquarter Itkhori. Itkhori is the sub-district headquarter of Bhaduli village. As per 2009 stats, Itkhori is the gram panchayat of Bhaduli village.

The total geographical area of village is 349 hectares. Itkhori is nearest town to Bhadul.

The total geographical area of village is 113.29 hectares. Bhaduli Pipradih has a total population of 1,597 peoples. There are about 291 houses in Bhaduli Pipradih village. Barkagaon is nearest town to Bhaduli Pipradih.