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Bihula or Bisahari festival, is a popular festival of Bihar, especially in Anga region(Bhagalpur) celebrates the worship of “Mansa deity”. Bihula is worshipped like a goddess on Nag Panchami day, the fifth day of Shravan month. The festival is associated with story of Bihula, who was widowed on the night of her wedding by snake-bite through the machinations of Manasa, the Snake-Goddess (who was inimical to Bihula’s father-in-law, the merchant Chandradhara). The innocent but firm Bihula decided to be remain with his dead body on a raft in the river Ganga. Finding no other alternative, Yama gave permission to Bihula. She started her voyage on a raft along with her Lakhinder’s dead body.Finally, Bihula went to heaven by dint of her chastity and got her husband back to life.