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Birla’s, who have been known as one of the leading industrialists of India decided to establish the first museum which would showcase the scientific and technological progress of the Indian human race. Till date we knew that museums are restricted to historic connotation of art, culture and tradition. However, the house of Birla’s felt that like history, science too should be exhibiting its progress and also showcase its discoveries for people to watch. The Birla’s were interested in showing the human race how science and technology has developed in India over years and how industries have led to a rapid growth, which is parallel to the development in other countries all over the world. There were quite a number of museums that were built in India which dealt with art, history and archaeology but there were hardly any which would deal with progress in the field of science and technology. Therefore, the product of Shri G.D Birla and Shri L.N. Birla’s thought made way to the establishment of Birla Museum in Pilani.

Pilani is a town in Rajasthan which was commonly known as the “university town”. All the major educational institutions and technological educational institutions were built in this location and hence the name. The Birla’s made no exception and established the first science, technology and industrial museum in India. The science and technology museum at Pilani was established by the Birla’s towards the latter part of the 19th century. It still stands tall as the only science museum in the whole of India. The building of the museum is on a huge university campus which is about 200kms west of Delhi. This establishment by the Birla’s later served as a boon for many other technological museums to come up in many places in India. The unique feature of the Birla Museum, Pilani is that it is the only museum in the entire sub-continent, whose sponsorship is done privately by the Birla’s while the other museums which have later developed are all government aided.

The establishment of the Birla Museum in the year 1954 at Pilani – a university town in Rajasthan known for technical education and situated about 200 km west of Delhi-marked the birth of the first museum of industry & technology in the country. It was then, as it is now, the only technological museum situated in a university campus in India . This museum provided a great deal of impetus and inspiration to establish a number of other technological museums elsewhere in India . The Birla museum at Pilani is the only technological museum in India which is privately sponsored.

Birla Museum also is a very attractive place for those who are interested in science and technology. The museum exhibits the latest scientific equipment, models of material science and illustrative diagrams, working models of Science & technology, charts and photographs explaining the different principles of science. So come to this museum and enhance your knowledge, how lucky are you, you will get two things simultaneously one is excitement of tour and second one is that you will grasp information about new upcoming technology. So just visit to this museum and make your trip also knowledgeable.