Blackbuck is the one that has leather all over the body and is an innate species of India. IUCN has declared them on the verge of extinction in the year 2003. Their count has drastically reduced in the 20th century.

They are the only that belong to the family of Antelope. They got their name from antalopus a latin word that have horns. The class of these species has their backs in dark color and the spiral horns, the name of the species is combination of the latin word capra and cervus that means the-goat and deer respectively.

Both the male and female species differentiate in the body colors. The skin color of the male blackbucks is either of the following white, black or dark brown. The other characteristic of the male species is that they have long and spiral horns. The female species have fawn-colored skin but don’t have horns.

These species have similarities to that of knobs. The twists in the horns number from one to four twists but more than four twists can be seen in very few of the blackbucks. The length of the horn is nearly 79 cm. The upper part of the male species is black in color while the gut and the color around the eyes are white. The female species have no horns.

The length of the body varies between 100 cm to 140 cm. The height up to the shoulder goes from 64 cm to 84 cm. The length of the tail in these species varies from 10 cm to 17 cm. They weigh between 25 kg to 40 kg.

These species can be seen almost all over India except in the north-eastern part of the country. At the current times they are majorly curbed in the following parts in Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. They are found in very less number in the central part of India.

They form the group of 15 to 20 and stay in the open plains and have at least one overriding male species. They are very wild and furious. The speed at which they run has been at times almost 80 km/hr. The principal slayer of the blackbucks has been the Indian Cheetah, the species who have almost diminished. The food preference of blackbuck is green grass, husks, flowers and the fruits. Their average life span is from 12 years to 16 years.

There are various names given to this species few of them are pulvaai, velimaan,iralai in Tamil while KrishanMruga in Kannada and Krishna Jinka in Telugu. It is also majorly referred as the Kala Hiran while the Marathis call it Kalveet.