Celebrated in January/February. Organized at Diglipur to highlight the development of rural areas. Held every year in Diglipur between the months of January and February, this Mela is considered very important as it focuses mainly on the progress of rural life and people of the islands.

It is also celebrated in the month of January and February at Diglipur every year. It highlights the progress of rural areas and rural life of the people of these islands.Finally, all Andaman and Nicobar Islands festivals are celebrated not only for enjoyment and to see but they are organized for the souls of human being.

Held at Diglipur, this celebration highlights the advancements that have occurred in the country ranges and shows the commonplace provincial existence of these islands. It is held in January/February. Nicobarese move is performed by Nicobarese who live in the Island of Car Nicobar. Among the numerous captivating tribal gatherings that occupy the islands of Andaman and Nicobar, Nicobarese is the main tribe who has lived in disengagement and has one of a kind customary tribal ways. They are not even remotely affected by current human advancement and instruction. Bright tribal celebrations are still seen in Nicobar Islands. The Nicobarese move is performed amid the “Ossuary Feast or the Pig Festival”, which is devoted to the withdrew leader of the gang. The event is seen with nightlong moving in full moon light, under waving coconut palms. The artists, wearing coconut fronds, step effortlessly in time, to customary tunes. The gala is trailed by a pig battle in the morning.

Block Mela is commended at Diglipur in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The celebration attracts regard for the provincial improvement in the island. Amid this occasion, different parts of provincial lives in these ranges are in plain view.