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Buddha Purnima festival is celebrated every year in the Hindi month of Vaishakha to commemorate the birth anniversary, Enlightenment and Mahaparinirvana (death anniversary) of the Gautama Buddha. The birth name of the Gautama Buddha was Siddhartha Gautama who later became a great Buddha and called as Gautama Buddha. He became a great spiritual teacher and founded Buddhism. Although, the real date of his birth and death is unknown however, it is estimated by many historians between 563-483 BC. He was born in the Lumbini, Nepal to the King Shuddhodana (King of Kapilvastu) and Queen Maya Devi and died at his 80 in the Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh.

Bodh Gaya, Lumbini, Kushinagar and Sarnath has become the most important pilgrimage sites for the Buddhists as these places are deeply attached to the life of Gautama Buddha. Bodh Gaya is the place where Gautama Buddha obtained the Enlightenment after many years of Tapa, Sarnath is the place where he first taught the Dharma, Lumbini is his birth place and Kushinagar is death place.

The day of celebration of Buddha Purnima varies from year to year. According to the Gregorian calendar, Buddha Purnima falls every year from the end of April to the end of May. Buddha’s birthday celebration date has been declared by the Taiwanese government on 2nd Sunday of the May.