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This is one amongst the eight original relic stupas built over the corporeal remains of Buddha. According to Buddhist traditions, after attaining magaparinirvana his body was cremated by the Mallas of Kushinagar with a royal ceremony befitting an universal king and the mortal remains were distributed among the eight claimants including the Lichhavis of Vaishali. Seven others were Ajatshatru the king of Magadha, Sakyaas of Kapilvastu, Bulis of Alakappa, Koliyas of Ramagram, A Brahmin of vethoweep and mallas of Pava and Kushinagara.

This was originally a small mud stupa measuring 8.07 meters in diameter raised in 5th century B.C. Later During Maurya, Sunfa and Kushan periods it was encased with bricks and enlarged in four phases which increased the diameter to 12.00 meters. The Ayaka projection noticed towards south and east is probably the earliest example of Ayakapattas.