The Cantonment Church Tower is a church tower in Karnal city of Haryana, India. It stands near National Highway 1 of India. It has been declared as a historical monument by Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage. It was the tower of St. James’ Church, Karnal, dedicated to St. James, one of disciples of Jesus Christ. The tower is 35m tall, and is surmounted by an ornamental cross.

With the establishment of British cantonment at Karnal, St. James’ Church was constructed in AD 1806 by the British. In 1841, when the cantonment was shifted to Ambala, the church was dismantled, but the tower was allowed to stay as it had been built out of the subscriptions of the public who objected to its dismantlement. The tower has four storeys and on the first storey, Extruscan pilaster has been used structurally. The top storey has a semi-circular arch in Roman style. The entire exterior is plastered with lime and exhibits fine panelling work.

Cantonment Church Tower is under the supervision of Archaeological Survey of India along with All India Christian Council.

Graveyard of soldiers is on the left side of the Cantonment Church and on the right side is the graveyard of Indian Christians.