The name mango festival is suggestive of the fact that it is a festivity of mangoes. Mango festival in Chandigarh, India is celebrated with splendid grandeur. It gives a platform to all mango growers of our country to display their varieties. Also, the agricultural universities participate and exhibit the latest hybrids of this fruit. Chandigarh mango festival takes place in the month of June & Pinjore garden usually serves as the venue. This festivity cum fair gives a fabulous opportunity to the food industries that process mango into jams, pickles and canned fruit, to showcase their products. This fair is drawing more and more crowds every year.

This mango festival reflects the facts of Mangoes and their characteristic qualities. Mango festival of Chandigarh is celebrated in an impressive manner and extends a platform to display the various species of mangoes produced by mango growers. The Agriculture Universities also take part to demonstrate the new hybrid varieties of this fruit. The famous Pinjore Garden is generally selected as the venue to celebrate this mango festival of Chandigarh in the month of June. This festival-cum-fair also gives ample opportunities to the food processing industries to display their mango products like Pickles, canned fruits and Jams etc. This festival is gaining popularity and drawing every year more crowds of mango lovers.

The latest hybrid varieties of mangoes are also displayed by the participating Agriculture Universities in this mango fair held yearly at Pinjore Garden in June month. This juicy and plum fruit with its countless varieties are exhibited at this annual International festival of Mangoes in Chandigarh.
This festival, with fun and lively programmes, is dedicated to this humble fruit and its different delicious forms and recipes like cakes, pure fresh mango juice, pickles, Chutneys and jams etc. Chandigarh has attained new heights in organizing such festivals leaving behind few of the older cultural traditions.

The visitors to this mango festival enjoy the taste and look at more than 500 varieties of mango and its different plants. This festival features different varieties of mangoes like Alphonso, Amrapalli, Maurya, Malda, Dhoon, Mallika, Balia, Chorasya, Ruchika, Himsagar, Gelchia, Nigarin, Dhaman, Shamsi, Fazia and dassehari etc. The well-known chefs from Maurya Sheraton, Claridges, Mariott India, Taj Mahal Palace, Qutub hotel and other Inter continental Hotels are requested to participate and exhibit various recipes prepared from Mangoes.

Many Agro-Industries and other food processing units also exhibit their various products like canned jams and fruits, pickles and fruit juices in this Mango festival. Cities such as Hyderabad, Pune, Pinjore, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Delhi also celebrate the Mangoes festivals. More than 1370varieties of mangoes are there world over and more than 1000species of this fruit are cultivated in India alone.

The Mango festival is celebrated in June at Pinjore gardens, away 22 km from Chandigarh. The popularity of this fair is increasing yearly with the increase in crowds of mango lovers. The mangoes of nearly 1800 varieties are produced in Haryana, Uttar-Pradesh, Himachal, Punjab and Rajasthan regions are displayed in the festivals.

Visitors can also fetch this fruit from the free mango booths or purchase the mango saplings for planting from the fair. The mango eating competition between men and women of this festival is the main attraction. Visitors in large number take part in mango eating competitions for fun enjoyment. The other notable events conducted in this festival are magic shows, mango carving demonstrations and slogan writings.