Held on an open stage in Sector 17, Chandigarh Plaza carnival is a very popular weekly show. It takes place on every Saturday evening. Plaza carnival in Chandigarh, India is hosted by a private group to encourage local artists to come forward and show their talent. Every week, there is some thing new to offer. It acts a platform to promote the talent of singers, dancers, comedians, magicians, actors and acrobats, who otherwise don’t get an opportunity to prove their worth. It is a fabulous cultural program that has been increasingly gaining response from visitors.

handigarh Plaza Carnival is the most engaging festival in state which is organized every week to encourage unique talents of actors, dancers, singers, magicians and other local artists. This event attracts majority of visitors as it is the easiest source of entertainment.

Every Saturday evening, people of Chandigarh enjoy the three-hour Plaza Carnival held on an open-air stage set up in Sector 17’s central plaza. The carnival is free for all and draws a large crowd. It intends to promote local artists from every field. The attractions vary every Saturday and it could be anything from dance, music, and magic show to painting display, sculpture display, acrobatics, or mimicry.