Christmas in Manipur is the time to rejoice and the Christians of Manipur know very well how to do it. The religious and solemn part of the celebrations comprises of reading Gospel and Bible, singing Christmas carols and hymns, attending lectures on Christ and other related topics. Other than that, there is jubilation through feasts, eating, and get togethers of families and friends as well as other joyful ways of celebrations. There are Christmas trees that are decorated with stars and lights and the houses of the Christians are made to look brighter with colorful decorations. Though Christmas is celebrated in different ways in different parts of India, the festive look is almost the same everywhere. The shops and the markets are also decorated. The festive fever during Christmas in Manipur continues almost till the ushering of the New Year on 1st of January.

Christmas Festival in Manipur is celebrated for 2 days, on 24th and 25th of December. Christmas Eve falls on the 24th of December while the main Christmas celebrations take place on 25th. There are some well-off parts of Manipur where the Christmas celebrations continue for almost a week.