Andhra Pradesh is known for its rich culture and traditions. The same is reflected in a wide array of festivals organised here. One of the popular festivals organised here is the Deccan Festival. It is considered to be one of the major and sought after events in the state. This festival is organised by Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation or APTDC. The festival goes for five days and is held in the month of February. Arts, dances, crafts, music and cuisines of Andhra Pradesh are on display in this festival. The state’s popular Nawabi cuisine is liked by people coming here. Many talented dancers and singers get encouragement by showcasing their skills on this broad platform.
The culture of the Deccan region is reflected during this five day long grand celebrations. Events like qawwali, ghazals, dances, songs, mushairas, etc are organised in this festival. People from far and wide areas come here to enjoy these events. Legendary artists who are quite renowned in their respective fields come from various parts of the state and country.

Pearls and Bangles Fair is another noteworthy event of the Deccan Festival. One can check out high quality pearls, accessories, multicoloured bangles and jewellery. Shopping enthusiasts enjoy a pleasurable time during this event.

Keeping the culture and traditions is the main objective behind celebrating this festival. It is the perfect time to enjoy the heavenly taste of the delectable dishes from the state of Andhra Pradesh. At Food fair, some tasty Hyderabad cuisines can also be tried and tasted. This festival is the perfect time to take a glimpse into the rich past of the yesteryears. The glorious past of this India’s princely state can be seen during this festival.

In the months of February and March, this five day long Deccan Festival is celebrated. Deccan Festival is celebrated in Hyderabad every year on 25th February. This five-day long festival reflects the culture of the Deccan and highlights Hyderabad’s arts, crafts, culture and the famous Nawabi cusine. Cultural programs organised include Ghazals, qawalis and mushairas, poetry etc., typical of the city. Various renowned singers and dancers are invited for performances and this is a not to miss for every person who visits. This exclusive festival is conducted by the Department of Tourism .

This festival also includes Pearls and Bangles fair, displaying creations in lustrous pearls and multi-hued bangles that are local specialties, and a Food Fair, with items covering both Andhra and Hyderabadi cuisine. Cultural programs, food stalls, arts and craft shops etc. are well organized.

eccan Festival is perhaps the most happening and perhaps one of the most sought-after events in the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. During this festival the gracious city of Hyderabad comes alive with beats and groove.

This five-day long festival reflects the culture of the Deccan and the spot light is on the arts, crafts, culture and the popular Nawabi cuisine of Hyderabad. Organized by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, Deccan Festival invites various popular singers and dancers to showcase their talent and art.

Cultural programmes comprising of ghazals, qawalis, mushairas (poetry session) makes an atmosphere that gives numerous reasons to the people across India to attend this festival. The reason is further reaffirmed by the presence of legendary artists come from all parts who flock to Hyderabad to be a part of the proceedings.

The fair of pearls and bangles is another attraction of the collective schedule of Deccan Festival. This is the place where you can get to see a rich collection of lustrous pearls, jewelry, accessories and multicolored bangles. Hit the food fair to relish the delicious Hyderabadi cuisines and return a contented person.