Delhi Cantt is an area which is assumed haunted by Locals as they said they have seen Ghost Lady in white saree passing through this Haunted Places in Delhi.Many people have reported seeing a ghostly woman in white saree walking around carrying a candle in many parts of Delhi specially the Delhi Cantt area, sector 9 of Dwarka and near the metro station. She runs with car until the cant area don’t passed.

Delhi- one of the most developed metro cities of India is situated on the bank of river Yamuna. Beside being the capital of India, It is famous for offering luxurious life. On the primary take, It has a modern and attractive lifestyle, throng of Multinational companies,enormous crowd in a number of events and countless places to chill on. Latter one -Historical monuments, forts, tourist places and museums make delhi a classy city.Beyond all of this, this place has a very ancient history. It has been the capital of many empires. It does not matter how modern people had become, the existence of spirits is an unsolved mystery. Like every other place, Delhi has some real spooky locations too.

A lady, she is standing right side of the road. Raising a hand to lift her. He just reduced car’s speed a little and tried to look clearer. She is wearing a white Saree and face is not clear enough to see.

“A Lady? Now?” – He murmured. “No Way”, Satish put the gear high and suddenly after few second what happened that was simply spine-chilling. He left the women behind there, but she is again now at the right side of the car. In the same pose asking lift from him. “Oh! My god, it’s terrible” – She is now wandering with his car, as running with the same speed. It can’t be women. She is just playing with him. Satish was going senseless just trying to hold the steering. After some moments the ghostly apparition vanished in the dark on his left by jumping from the other side of the car. How he survived in the scary night on Delhi Cantt road, probably will not forget in the rest of his life.

The first haunted place in our list is Delhi Cantonment also known as Delhi Cantt. It is said to be one of the most scariest haunted sites in the capital. People says various stories about the ghost lady of Delhi Cantonment. It is said that Delhi Cantt is a shelter of a lady ghost, who supposedly killed in a car accident. Many people who have visited the area have experienced her existence over and over again. The lady’s spirit tries to attract passer-bys and if people do not stop their cars, she runs afters the car and if they stop she disappears.