Dhrupad music in Bhopal has a spiritual tinge to it. Its main aim is to bring on feelings of peace as well as contemplation to the listener. The word Dhrupad is a blend of two words namely DHRUVA and PADA. DHRUVA stands for the steadfast evening star of our galaxy while PADA means poetry. Dhrupad is a type of devotional music whose origin can be traced back to the ancient text of the Hindu religion, Sam Veda. SAM VEDA was chanted along with the aid of rhythm and melody called Samgana. Step by step this gave rise to other vocal styles called ‘Prabandha’ and ‘Chhanda’ with the introduction of matter and verse. The union of these two elements caused the emergence of the gharana of Dhrupad. Dhrupad Samaroh in Bhopal offers the chance to get enchanted by the musical performance of many stalwarts who present several compositions of Dhrupad.