The very renowned Dogra Art Museum situated in the Pink Hall of Jammu’s Mubarak Mandi complex is one of the prominent historical places in the province. The museum features over 800 rare paintings and articles of historical significance. The galleries of the museum boast of paintings from different schools including Basholi, Jammu and Kangra. The very remarkable and beautiful collection/series of the Krishna-Sudhama paintings from the eighteenth century is strikingly mesmerizing.

One of the major attractions of the museum is the gold painted bow and arrow of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan along with carpentry tools. The museum houses several handwritten manuscripts including the scripts of Shahnama and Sikandernama in Persian that are of interest to history buffs.

Started as a display of Jammu’s Dogra community in 1960 the Dogra Museum gradually grew to become a huge collection of the rich heritage of the Dogra Kings. The museum has over five thousand ancient items on display. The Museum prominently displays the martial tradition of Dogra kings by showcasing a variety of weapons in its gallery that include swords, pistols, guns, daggers and revolvers. The section of armor that dates back to the 18th century includes chains, breast and arm plates plus helmets.

Art lovers will be thrilled to see the engaging portraits of the Dogra rulers of Jammu and Kashmir. Other than all this Dogra costumes, fabrics, embroideries; terracotta objects, old carpentry tools are on display. Architecturally inclined visitors will also be able to see a fine collection of old photographs of Dogra architecture (old forts and palaces) in the galleries.

The complex in which the museum is situated was a royal residence of Dogra Kings. The location was carefully selected by the Dogra kings for having a complete view of river Tawi on one side and the city on other side. So weather you are an art lover a history buff or are interested in old architecture the Dogra Museum of Jammu has it all.