Doregata is one of the famous dance festivals of Meghalaya.In this dance festival, there is a competition between men and women. Women have to make the heads of their male partner unturbned by knocking the turban off with the use of their heads.This dance is followed by a tough laughter.This dance is also commemorating the tough war of the Meghalaya wherein various Khasis have scarified their lives.This dance festival is also celebrated on the onset of harvest.

Meghalaya has a diversity in celebrating various colours of its culture.The Meghalayans are very choosy in celebrations and almost every occasion given a vital importance in the state.To celebrate this festival, people all around the world join Maghalaya.Actually, the word Meghalaya has the meaning of House of the Clouds.In the diverse geographical scenario of the state, the natural wind streams create a close existence of clouds everywhere and this scene signifies the name of the state as “Meghalaya”. As stated earlier, this state is famous to celebrate various festivals with the same charm and enthusiasm. People of the state, manage even a small happiness in everything and celebrate it with a close gathering of the society.This aspect also strengthens the social harmony among people. The ranking of Meghalaya is on top owing to celebration of Doregata dance festival. In the state, majority of the festival dedicated to the god of crop-s and require the blessing of god of farming to enhance the crops. This Doregata dance festival is slightly isolated and different from other festivals of the state. This festival is purely meant for fun and joy. In this festival, males were a multicolor turban, which is also like a challenge to women partner to knock off by using their heads while dancing together.Any other part of the body of women is forbidden except their heads to knock off the turban of male partner.A large crowd and big roar cheer up during this dance festival.

In this festival, women are given overriding priority over men.However, in starting the job of knocking off the turbans of male partners is seems an easy task, but on ground the same is a tough job. Males escape their heads at every cost. Some time it seems that the job is very tough and out of reach of women partners but after a tough and long fight, women got succeed. At last, males surrender and make the game very easy and interesting.