S. Somasegar (born 13 August 1966 in Pondicherry, India was the Corporate Vice President of the Developer Division at Microsoft Corporation. Nov 2015 was his end of 27 years long career association with Microsoft. He has now joined as Venture Partner at Seattle’s Madrona Venture Group. Until September 2011, he held the title Senior Vice President. In September 2011 Microsoft abolished that title for all its employees.Somasegar was responsible for engineering and marketing for developer tools and services, programming languages and runtimes designed for a broad base of software developers and development teams, including the Visual Studio and Expression families of products, .NET Framework, and Team Foundation Server. Somasegar also owns developer evangelism efforts spanning the full array of Microsoft platforms. His team also owned MSDN and TechNet online properties to enable a deep connection with the developer and IT professional audiences.In addition, Somasegar was responsible for the Server and Tools Business Global Development Centers in China, India and Israel and is the executive sponsor for the India Development Center and the Israel Research and Development Center for all of Microsoft.

In 1986, Somasegar received a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication engineering from College of Engineering, Guindy of Anna University, in Chennai, India. In 1988, he received an M.S. in computer engineering from Louisiana State University. He was working toward a Ph.D. in computer engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo when he joined Microsoft.

Somasegar joined Microsoft in 1989 and contributed to eight releases of Windows before heading up the Developer Division

In November 2006, Somasegar was awarded an honorary doctorate (honoris causa) degree by Anna University.[10][11] In February 2008, he was presented the Asian American Engineer of the Year Award.

S.Somasegar lives in the Seattle area. He and his wife have two daughters, Archana and Sahana.