She is the mother of world. A small ray of her kindness is enough to remove all the sorrows and obstacles. She is the mother who is always there to remove all the worry ness of the people of world. Those who worship her really never face any problem in their life, because the loving mother removes their problems by her smiles. Again at one time she is Maha Laxmi (The Goddess of wealth), Maha Saraswati(The Goddess of Knowledge) and Maha Kali(The Goddess of destruction), that means the goddess of creation, caring, and destruction. The Goddess is worshipped by the people as the Goddess to grant fortune. According to Hindu mythology when the demon Ravana kidnapped Goddess Sita at that time lord Sri Ram planned to worship Goddess Durga to remove her troubles and to win over the demon Ravana. So Lord Sri Ram worshipped the Goddess in the season of autumn. The Goddess being pleased with the devotion of Lord Sri Ram, blessed him, which finally made him to win over the demon.

Orissa is not only an ideal choice for monuments, beaches, waterfalls and scenic beauties but also for colorful fairs andfestivals. The festivals are as numerous as the days in a year, each with a difference having an individuality of its own. During the festivals the whole environment shimmers with sounds of bells, holy songs, chanting of mantras, lights, and the soothing smell of flowers. The pilgrims throng the city all the year round making a more lively and spiritual environment. According to Markandeya Purana the King of Chedi dynasty Suratha started rituals of Durga Puja during 300B.C. Durga Puia has different names in different Puranas and Sastras. In Devi Purana & Kalika Purana it is named as Vijaya Dashami. It is named as Mahaparbana in Devi Mahatmya and Dussehera in Markandeya Purana. Durga Puja is one of the most important festivals in Orissa. Here Durga Puja is more than a festival. It is a celebration of life, culture, popular customs and traditions. It is a time of reunion and rejuvenation to love, to share and to care. Durga Puja is an important Hindu Festival celebrated all over India with different rituals and festivities especially in eastern India. It is celebrated in the Oriya month of Ashwina (September/October) every year. Durga Puja
symbolises the victory of good over evil. Durga Puja is a festival, which is observed for 10 days. In Orissa the Durga Puja is celebrated in two different ways. In Shakti peethas (temples of goddess) the Durga Puja is observed with proper rituals for 10 days. Goddess Durga is also worshiped by devotees in different pendals in form deities. The pendals are decorated with beautiful decoratives.