Faridkot fort was constructed before 700 year in Faridkot district of Punjab state of India. Exact location of this fort is 30 kilometers away from Feerozepur district. Faridkot is a municipal council and two other districts of Punjab state also comes under the jurisdiction of this municipal council, Bathinda and Mansa. Faridkot fort was made against the defense of Rajput invaders and Mughal invaders from Middle East.

The name of this area is after famous Sufi saint Fariddudin Sheikh Ganjshakar, who was a Muslim but his verses are also in the Guru Granth Sahib. In the 13th century the town was established by King Mokalsi.

This state came under control of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1803. After a short period of 6 years, this city was gone under control of British during 1809. The fort was being used by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, but British made it as prison. In the surrounding areas of this city, a majority of Muslim population was residing before partition. Still there are many mosques in the nearby villages which are being looked after by Sikhs.

Architecture of this fort is very beautiful. This building has been constructed in North India construction style and Muslim Architectural style. Some portion of this fort is also constructed in European style. The manpower engaged to construct this fort was of tough caliber and trade knowledge. A large and Multi Storied Deori is located at the entrance of this fort. Ceiling of Deori is beautifully carved with stone work. A typically designed and constructed Sheesh Mahal is also there which was used as a prayer room of the royal family. This Mahal is like a copy of art of the Rajasthan construction style. A well fortified premise is also located in this fort which was sufficient enough to prevent any infiltration. A post to hold the canons is also located as at that time canons were invented and their use was not considered bad by various kings

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