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The arid city of Jaisalmer is thankful to the Gadsisar Sagar Tank which lies south to the city walls and was once a water supply providing water to the residents of the city. The tank attracts many migratory and non migratory birds which open new vistas for tourists and so it is delight to see these birds singing and playing. The tank has become one of the major tourist spots in Jaisalmer where picnics and outings are also enjoyed. The tank was built in 1156 AD and rebuilt in 1367AD by Maharwal Gadsi Singh. Enjoying boat rides around the tank to see beautiful shrines and temple around is a favorite attraction for tourist.

Gadsisar Sagar Tank Jaislamer Rajasthan, The beautiful tank has been adorned with arched gates. These gates hold some legends. The architecture of the tank reflects the taste and knowledge of Gadsi Singh who built the tank. The shadow of beautiful temples and shrines reflected in the Gadsisar Sagar Lake waters, dance to tunes of sun and winds. The tank exhibits the uniqueness of Rajput architecture.

Gadsisar Lake is one of the major tourist attractions of Jaisalmer. Just leave the madding crowd behind and venture towards the outskirts and you will find yourself next to the famous Gadsisar Lake. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not an oasis but a water conservation tank made around 1400 A.D. by the then maharaja of Jaisalmer, Maharwal Gadsi Singh. Can you believe this structure just outside the city walls once acted as a reservoir that controlled the entire supply of water to the arid city!

This place was selected because it had a certain amount of declivity already and it automatically retained some of the rainwater. If you are lucky and venture out in winters, you might get to see a variety of migratory birds. Due to its proximity to Bharatpur, some of the birds get attracted to this place also. Don’t miss to carry a good pair of binoculars and SLR camera with a wide-angle lens if you want to take away some really mesmerizing snaps.