Janmashtami celebrations in Maharashtra are superb with the event of Dahi Handi. The cities of Mumbai and Pune wear a festive look on the day of Lord Krishna’s birthday. Besides, Ganesh Chaturthi, people celebrate Janmashtami with great zest and pomp. One can witness bands of youth dancing on the streets of the city as others chant ‘Govinda Ala Re’ in high pitch. These young boys and girls beat cymbals and drums in excitement and happiness. This is what describes and mark the festival of Gokulashtami in Maharashtra. Let us know more about Janmashtami celebrations in Maharashtra.

Like many other parts of the country, the celebrations in Maharashtra were markedly upbeat. Various temples in the state are filled with the devotees who chant special Krishna hymns in Sanskrit. They invoke Lord Vishnu for his blessings and ask for forgiveness. The ISKCON temple in the suburban area of Juhu organizes special prayer and singing sessions. They offer ‘prasada’ to all the devotees present there.

Mumbai celebrate Janmashtami by breaking the traditional curd pots that are suspended high up in the air. The by lanes of the state are literally colorful with this special customary event. The traditional ceremony of ‘dahi handi’ has come down from the Lord himself who used to break these earthen pots and steal butter from it. In the afternoon, young boys gather and dance to the tunes of drums. Hundreds of people line up on their balconies to watch this ceremony. These boys smear red gulal on their forehead and form human pyramid of seven-layer in order to break the handi or pot.

In fact, breaking of the pot is a challenge for many teams. These teams practice for months before performing on the actual day. The team that wins get cash prize of lakhs. Besides, the beautifully decorated silver cradle of Lord Krishna is also led in a procession in the whole city. Gopalkala is the favorite dish of the people for the Janmashtami celebration in Maharashtra. People visit the popular Murlidhar Mandir for the Janmashtami celebration in Nashik.