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Namdroling Monastery also locally known as the “Golden temple”, situated over a small hill settlement called “Bylakuppe” is one of the largest teaching center of Tibetan Buddhism in the world near KushalNagar, Madikeri in Karnataka.

From Kushalnagar, follow the Mysore-madikeri road for next 2-3 Kms until you cross the river Kaveri. After crossing the bridge, drive for next 200 meters until you see a board to the right for the Monastery.

Golden temple is the most famous attraction of the Bylakuppe settlement. Golden temple gets its name “Golden” because of the golden paintings above the monastery. The monastery or the Golden temple from a distance looks like a replica of a typical Tibetan monastery.

Golden temple does not look so vast from outside but once you enter inside the temple, it looks very grand in nature. The ceilings are situated very high because of the three statues of lord Buddha, 40 feet in height called Padmasambhava, Buddha & Amitayus. It is mandatory to maintain silence inside the temple. The normal tradition includes burning a incense stick inside the temple; sitting on the carpet and feeling spirituality. The floor are made up of the marble and mostly covered with the carpet. While the side walls are full of Tibetan paintings showing Gods and Demons. Apart from the Normal paintings, there are also wall paintings. Different paintings carry different messages within them. As for example: some painting might be dedicated to the lifestyle of Buddha; some depict the fight between God & demons; some depict the cultural details & traditions intricately through paintings.

There are also monasteries to see around like Sakya Monastery, Sare ja Monastery etc. Most of these monasteries carry the same decorations of wall paintings and worshiping things like sacred texts, horns, a statue of lord Buddha etc.

Apart from the worshiping materials, it’s also worth taking a look at the doors and the architecture of the Monasteries. Apart from this, you can also perceive a sense of responsibility, dedication & discipline in every disciple over there. Doors are decorated with silk clothing and articulated paintings which are worth taking a look.