Gudur is third largest town and municipality,in Nellore District in the state of Andhra Pradesh. In India, Gudur is the largest division in Nellore and a very old municipality. The mica belt around Gudur is considered the 2nd largest in the country. The mica deposits are located in a area surrounding Gudur.

he roots of the town began during the Chola Dynasty. It is believed that Cholas constructed Alaganatha Swamy temple. Later the town developed around this temple. It is the largest temple in Gudur. The Satavahanas, Cholas, Pallavas, Telugu Cholas, Kakatiyas, Vijayanagara kings, and Golkonda Nawabs ruled this area. The town is also linked with the history of Venkatagiri (ruled by Yachendra family), which is close by, 42 km from Gudur. Shridi Sai baba Temple,Narasingarao pet,Gudur, This is Old Temple Constructed at 1938,at that time baba advised to construct the temple.

Gudur is very hot in summer. The town is quite frequently affected by cyclones and has an almost nonexistent winter. The best season to visit is from October to March. The eastern part of town is flooded often during the rainy season with people facing hardships. This is due to the apathy of the administrative authorities and the uncontrolled swamping of fields by the local populace.Its a pity that Gudur does not have any good infrastructure. Bad roads and worst sewage system add to the rainy season woes. Little was done for the improvement of the conditions.Afforestation and laying roads will improve this place.

Gudur’s economy depends on mica, lemons, and aquaculture.The mica belt around Gudur is considered the 2nd largest in the country. The mica deposits are located in a area covering Gudur, Rapur and Atmakur mandals of the Nellore district. Muscovite, quartz, feldspar and vermiculite type of mica are found around this area.

Gudur is located beside the four lane National Highway 5 called as NH-5. This reduced the travel time to Chennai and Nellore, Within the town, the roads are very narrow and maintained poorly. Most of the town is accessible by walking. Bicycles and motorcycles are the preferred mode of personal transportation vehicles. Manual rickshaws are available for hire round the clock. Autorickshaws are picking up recently but they are mainly serving the people traveling to villages around the town.

Gudur is a railway junction, located between Chennai and Vijayawada, with connections to Tirupathi. This is one of the big railway junctions giving the route to Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, and to Tirupathi, the holy sacred place for Hindus, to which people come from all over the country.