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The Gurusaday Museum is a folk arts and crafts museum located in Kolkata, India. The collection, with over 3000 artifacts, include archaeological objects, deities, manuscripts, masks, musical instruments, paintings, textiles and woodwork.

It is the outcome of a lifetime of collection by Gurusaday Dutt, after whom the museum is named. It was set up on the recommendation of his son, Birendrasaday Dutt and was run by his daughter-in-law, Aroti Dutt, who was its long time chairperson.

Gurusaday Museum is located 15 km. from the BBD Bagh on Diamond Harbor Road. The museum has a collection of over 2,000 items, a rich set of the folk arts and crafts on undivided Bengal.

Its highlights are the Kalighat pats, Jorano pats (scroll paintings) and beautiful kantha quilts, a thrift needlecraft of rural Bengal, wood carvings and terra-cotta panels.