Hal Punhya Festival, JharkhandHal Punhya Festival is a local tribal festival which begins with the fall of winter. The first day of Magha month, known as ”Akhain Jatra” or ”Hal Punhya”. This festival is considered as the beginning of ploughing. The farmers of Jharkhand mean this Hal Punhya Festival to symbolize this favourable dawn plough two and half circles of their agricultural land. The day of Hal Punhya Festival is also measured as the symbol of good fortune in one’s life.

Hal Punhya festival is epitomizing the onset of the harvest season. It signifies the good fortune and is celebrated during winters. Hal Punhya Festival is actually, the first day of the month of Magh and is also called Akhain Yatra, which means that the process of ploughing should begin.