The tomb of Ibrahim Khan Lodhi is situated in a park, maintained by Panipat Municipal Committee. The tomb is situated near tehsil office, close to dargah of Sufi saint Bu Ali Shah. He was defeated and killed during the First Battle of Panipat, fighting against Mughal emperor Babur on 21st April, 1526. All that now stands at that place is a rectangular open grave on a high double-terraced platform approached by a flight of steps from two sides constructed in Lakhauri bricks. This grave marks the final resting place of the last Sultan of Delhi, Ibrahim Lodi. An inscription fixed in a niche, near the grave declares that this tomb was rebuilt during the British regime by the District Administration in 1867 AD. It bears no architectural significance, though it commands matchless historical significance.

Lodi gardens are one of the major attractions in Haryana. In this garden sleeps the kings of Lodi and Sayyid dynasty. It is built on the 15th and 16th centuries; the tombs include that of Muhammad Shah, Mubarak Shah -1433, Ibrahim Lodi – 1526 and Sikander Lodi – 1517. Today Lodi garden is the favorite spot for joggers. Mohammad Shah is the third ruler of the Sayyid dynasty his tomb in octagonal design with a central octagonal chambers, Verandahs, three arched openings etc. This can be called a prototype later followed by Mughal architecture, prominently seen in Humayun’s tomb. The design of Humanyun’s tomb finally evolved into that of Taj Mahal. The Lodi garden and tomb are one place that should not be missed in Haryana.

The state has an airport in Chandigarh which is well connected to other parts of the country. Haryana’s state of the art road ways are the best in the country. There are several hotels and resorts in and around Haryana.