As of 2011, 255,241 hectares (985 sq mi) of land in Tripura is cultivable, of which 108,646 hectares (419 sq mi) has the potential to be covered by irrigation projects. However, only 74,796 hectares (289 sq mi) is irrigated.The state lacks major irrigation projects; it depends on medium-sized projects sourced from Gumti, Khowai (at Chakmaghat) and Manu rivers, and minor projects administered by village-level governing bodies that utilise tube wells, water pumps, tanks and lift irrigation.

ONGC and Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals are jointly building a fertiliser plant to leverage ONGC’s natural gas discoveries in Tripura.Expected to be in operation by 2017, the 1.3 million tonnes per year plant will supply the northeastern states.