West Jaintia Hills is an administrative District in the state of Meghalaya in India. The united district (Jaintia Hills District) was created on 22 February 1972 and occupied an area of 3819 km2. It had a population of 295,692 (as of 2001). The district is part of the Meghalaya subtropical forests ecoregion.With the bifurcation of the erstwhile Jaintia Hills District into East and West Jaintia Hills District, West Jaintia Hills District came into existence on 31 July 2012 with its headquarters at Jowai. Jowai is the host of all the heads of important governmental offices and establishments, educational institutions, hospitals, banking institutions, etc

Although the mainstay of the district is agriculture, however due to the abundance of Limestone, plenty of Cement factories have been set up in the district(now East Jaintia Hillls). More are set to come up. Coal mining at sites like Lad Rymbai(East Jaintia Hills district) is also one of the major activities set up here.Coal mined here is mostly exported to Bangladesh and Assam. Most of the coal mining sites are now situated in the East Jaintia Hills district.

Since it is land locked region and lack of railways and airport, the only means of transportation is roadways. The main highway which runs through the district is NH 40 and NH 44.

The common dialect in West Jaintia hills is Pnar, belonging to the Jaintia language. Other dialects include War Jaintia speaking to the southern part of the district and Biate, spoken by approximately 20,000 members of its namesake tribe.The Biate resided in the Sutnga elaka (East Jaintia Hills district), which are believed to have similar culture to that of mizo tribe. It is said that their language is also very similar to that of the mizo. Moreover, their dress is very similar to that of the naga and mizo tribe.As per The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Orders (Amendment) Act, 1976 and The Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Amendment) Act, 1987, the Biates are listed as one of the Kuki tribes.

Although West Jaintia Hills is not known as an education hub. Good schools and colleges do exist in Jowai, Khliehriat and Nongtalang. Prominent Colleges in West Jaintia hills include Jowai Polytechnic A reputed and the only Nursing School in the district namely Dr. Norman Tunnel Hospital School Of Nursing, Thomas Jones College, Nongtalang College and Kiang Nangbah Govt. College Jowai which offers degree courses in arts and science. Jowai has good schools too for Secondary and Higher Secondary level.