Jal Mahal is a pleasure palace located at Narnaul in Mahendragarh District of Haryana. Representing a mixed architecture of Persia and India, it stands in the middle of the tank Khan Sarovar. The palace was built in 1589 by Shah Quli Khan, a commander of ‘Four Thousand’ under Akbar.

The entrance of Jal Mahal is from the north through a gatehouse. There are rooms for guards constructed over a bridge resting on sixteen arched spans. The four small chambers, placed at four corners of a square central chamber, are double storied with same height. The upper storey can be accessed by two staircases each on the north and south.

An octagonal cupola, surrounded by a hemispherical dome balanced by four smaller cupolas placed over the corner chambers, crowns the roof of the central chamber. The nearest rail junction is at Narnaul.