This is held once every 12 years. The womenfolk wear menswear and go for hunting in forest. Jani-Shikaar is performed in remember of driving away the mohameddens by the kurukh womenfolk in Roh-tas-garh, who wanted to capture the fort on the Sharhul festival new year day for tribal community, when men used to be in drunken condition. They had tried to capture 12 times in 12 years and every time they were driven by the kurukh women, who wore the men’s clothes while in the field of war.

Tribals of Jharkhand, India believe in the equality between man and woman and their social rights are same. This festival advocates the right of equality. On this occasion, women wears men’s cloths, carry traditional weapons and go to jungle in a group for hunting. They keep on hunting Hens, goats and whatever comes their way and villagers do not mind if their animals are killed on this occasion. They hunt rabbits and other eatable animals in the jungle and celebrate a born fire in the jungle. They cook the hunted animals, feast and dance all night. Men are not allowed in this celebration.

During the course of time Indian Government has banned killing some animals and hence tribal people have become little conservative towards this festival. This festival still exists in the remote tribal locations of Jharkhand, India but most of the celebrations are limited within the village areas.