Jaswant Garh is a war memorial at Nuranang in Tawang District.This memorial is dedicated to Jaswant Singh, Mahavir Chakra awardee (posthumous) of 4 Battalion Garhwal Rifles. He showed his valor by fighting and holding the invading Chinese for 72 hours all alone.

Jaswant Garh is located at a distance of around 21 kilometre from Sela Pass towards Tawang. This Garh is a home of a warrior, Jaswant Singh who sacrificed during the war that was fought against Chinese soldiers. He fought continuously for 72 hours, during the Indo-China war that occurred in 1962. The place is open to travellers to pay a tribute and salute to this great warrior.

This war memorial is located on the way to Tawang Monastery and around 21 km ahead of Tawang town. It commemorates the bravery of the 1962 Indo-China War martyrs. The memorial is dedicated to Rifleman Jaswant Singh who died in the hands of the Chinese invaders.

Along with two other soldiers, Jaswant held his post for an unflinching 72 hours and halted the marching Chinese army, later he was captured and hanged in the same place by the Chinese army. The martyred Jaswant Singh was awarded Maha Vir Chakra & the army has posted caretakers who maintain his Memorial in its pristine state.