Cemeteries are spooky enough already, but this cemetery near Old Madras Road is scarier than your usual cemetery. Several passerbys have reported sightings of a creepy man lurking about the graves at odd hours. The unease felt at the cemetery will make your hair stand up. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find a few dead who have risen from the grave, taking a stroll in the graveyard. At night, people have reported feeling an eerie presence around them.

One of the oldest cemeteries in Bangalore, Kalpalli Cemetery also holds a certain distinction in the haunted category. Eyewitness accounts report occurings as bizarre as spirits rising from their graves, spotting a man dressed in white who walks around the graves only to disappear when you try to approach him. There are also many stories of people experiencing an “uncanny feeling of being watched”, of having somebody’s gaze fixed on them in the cemetery. There have also been reports of people feeling suffocated at certain spots in the cemetery. This one scores so high on the haunted quotient that even the guards on duty steer clear from the graves once the Sun takes a dip.

Some other haunted place which have not made much of a hike around the media but they have some story of their own are the famous ancient city of Hampi, which has occupied many pages in the Hindu mythology. The city is spooky because of its ancient look and the local folklore has added the flavour but the city is quite a place to pay a visit because of its ancient caricature.
And the other place is Bijapur- the ghost town of India. The city was established by the Chalukya Dynasty during the 10th century and the city flourished with artefacts. Bijapur is supposed to be haunted because of the notorious history which has caused myriads of mass murder and lives of innocent. It is believed that the monuments and ancient shrines are haunted by its bloody past. And another place is Badami- Chalukyan capital; it is famous for its beautiful man mad sculpture, caves and the famous Bhoothnath temple.

India being an ancient country will surely have some history which is still alive like the ancient places which are haunted from their presence. Everyday people die and it is believe that people who die before their time or horrible deaths often end up in this world itself to tell their story. In every village and every town in India, they will definitely have some ghost story or haunted place to look out for. Now the matter is how come people live normally around these places even after the full acknowledgement. For example, the Bangalore International Airport is haunted and many people have seen the apparition and no doubt they were scared like anything but still people do their job regularly and the lady comes out as usual.

The point here I wanted to make is, what is becoming of the society of both the living as well as the afterlives. The paranormal phenomenon has become just an adventure for us and somewhere or the other, we are losing out something. Now, the paranormal professional tries to capture them through the help of techniques and no kidding they have succeeded in some form. Now we can see the figure in camera and listen to their vocals. Why are we even trying to disturb the so called death? Studying about them is quite understandable but bringing disturbance in their schedule is not mandatory as such.

Not been able to cross the line between the body and earth is what the so called ghosts are managing. They cannot just enter the body again and they cannot just leave the world so they have to be the so called ghosts who were once a living person, who was scared of ghosts.