Built in the first quarter of the last century, and rebuilt and set in a garden in 1937, Kanker Palace was earlier known as Radhanivas Bagicha. The residence of the British Agent during the Raj, it is now lived in by the Royal family. With its Colonial style architecture, the Palace is stately, elegant, and has an old world charm and ambience. 5Rooms in the Right Wing of the Palace, 2 in the Aannexe and 4 in the Cottages outside have been developed to host Guests. These have modern facilities, including Western style baths and toilets. On the whole, however, our attempt is to retain the earthy flavor of the region.

We have a set of itineraries for our tour of Kanker and Bastar. We organize tours in the tribal villages, forests, we also do boating safaris, angling in the most secluded part of rivers and back waters, jeep safaris to the wild life centuries and villages and much more. Modifications can be made to suit specific preferences. We could also design special packages on request.

Our policy, as far as possible, is to open a humane and sensitive window into the life of this region and its peoples, without disturbing it. Looking forward to host you and show you our part of the region.

As one leaves the plains of Chhattisgarh southwards, there is a gentle but unmistakable ascent into the hills. The forest thickens all around as the road winds up serpentine ghats. The hills in the distance, bathed in a misty blue hue, appear to fade into each other. Somewhere along, in a clearing on the side, men with poles slung over their shoulders and women with baskets on their heads, make their way down a forest track in a single file, unmindful of the occasional vehicle going past. The cicadas hum busily as the piecing cry of a jungle fowl rings across. The air is fresh and sweet with the fragrance of wild flowers. One gets an exhilarating sense of coming into something wondrous, beautiful and untouched

Far away from India’s regular tourist destinations, the tribal districts of Kanker and Bastar straddle central India’s eastern uplands and plateau, and are covered with one of its richest stretches of tropical forest. Since time immemorial, these have been home to a pristine world of tribal communities that have created and sustained delicate rhythms of life in harmony with diverse flora and fauna, and are constantly reinventing these in the face of pressures of modernization.

For long, the journey into this fascinating land has begun at Kanker. Nestled in the bend of river Dudh, a tributary of the Mahanadi, and framed by an arc of hills, this picturesque town quietly watches over the routes that lead into the interior. Today a district head quarter with a population of 30.000, Kanker, for most of its history, was a kingdom. Descendants of the last ruling dynasty of the Chandravansh are still respected by a town and tribal folk proud of their heritage.

Dotted with monuments from the 19th and the early 20th Centuries, the life of the town is a veritable treasure-trove of vignettes. Its principal road, the axis around which the town takes shape, often becomes a virtual bazaar , where tribal folk, attired in bright clothes and quaint ornaments, gather from neighboring hamlets to trade their wares. From all along this road can be seen the Qila Dongri, a majestic hill that towers over the river and township below. A trek to the top is a pleasant experience and takes you to a temple and its adjacent pool and caves, a bagful of lore, and a great view of Kanker.