Kanthkot fort is one of the many medieval forts of Kutch District in Gujarat. The Kanthkot fort is located in edge of Kanthkot village. Kanthkot village is located in the Bachau Taluka of Vagad area of Kutch. Kanthkot Fort was built in 8th Century AD during the last phase of the Hndu ruke in India. The fort is located on the top of an isolated rocky hill. The old fort at Kanthkot in Gujarat has a five kilometers radius.

This fort was the capital the Kathi Tribe. This tribe is the Sun worshiping tribe. This place was the capital of Kathis in 8th century and it was taken from them by the Chavada Dynasty. After the Chavda Dynasty, the Solanki Dynasty came into existence and after them the Vaghela Dynasty ruled this fort for the short span of time.

Mod befriended Vaghela who not only gave Kanthkot Fort but also his daughter in marriage to Mod’s son Sad. Sad lived in Kanthkot Fort and made it his capital. Sad’s son Ful named the fort Kanthadurg.

During the reign of Jadeja Dynasty, Kanthkot was given as an estate to Dedaji, the second son of Rao Raydhan Ratna. In the year 1816, the British East India Companycaptured Kanthkot and destroyed large parts of the fort before the Kutch accepted the suzerainty of British Empire in India in the year 1819. The Kanthkot remained under Jadeja rulers till independence of India in 1947.

The remains of the bulwark of the Kanthkot fort consist of Kanthadnath Temple, the Jain Temple and a Sun Temple on the hill near the fort. This fortification has a great architectural value. Kanthkot fort is now a major tourist attraction of Kutch in Gujarat.