Karimganj Town is a town in the Karimganj District of the Indian state of Assam. It is the administrative headquarters and main town of the district.

Karimganj became a subdivision of Sylhet District of British India in late nineteenth century. It was severed from Sylhet during Partition of India and was included in India as a part of Cachar district in Assam. In 1983, Karimganj became a district of Assam with its headquarters at Karimganj Town.

Karimganj town is located on the northern fringe of the district adjoining Bangladesh, flanked on two sides by the Kushiyara River and Longai river, Karimganj town is located just on the Bangladesh border with the river Kushiara flowing in between. One prominent feature of the place is a long canal called Noti Khal meandering across the town. Earlier, it used to be a connecting river way between Kushiara and Longai facilitating river communication and also balancing of water-levels between the two rivers. Now, however, this canal has been blocked at several places through embankments and land-fills to pave way for road transport and construction works.

Karimganj town is located at 24.87°N 92.35°E. The area of Karimganj town is 6.09 km2. It has an average elevation of 13 metres (42 feet).

The distance of Karimganj town from Guwahati, the state capital of Assam, is approximately 330 km by road and about 350 km by rail.

The train line from Badarpur junction to Karimganj and beyond (to Agartala) was stopped for gauge conversion (meter gauge to broad gauge). The new BG platform construction is almost complete, as on 30th March 2016.