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Kothi Darshan Vilas, a classic example of the amalgam of European and Muslim method of architecture, this building was ongoing during the reign of Ghazi-ud-din Haider, and finished by Nasir-ud-din Haider (1837).

t formed a part of the Chhattar Manzil Palace complex, and was meant to provide as a residence for the king’s begums while the king himself resided in the Farhat Baksh Palace. Darshan Vilas, also known as the Chaurukhi Kothi, or the ‘House of Four Faces’ was so called “because each side of the building represented a facade of another of Lucknow’s European buildings.”

While the front was an replication of the Dilkusha Palace, its back portion was based on the riverside facade of the Farhat Baksh.

The remaining two sides were built in accordance with the architectural pattern followed at the Musabagh Palace. Kothi Darshan Vilas has been well-known as the Palace of Qudasia Mahal, the wife of king Nasir-ud-din Haider. Today it houses the Directorate of Medical Health

Darshan Vilas Kothi in Lucknow city is also known as the Chaurukhi Kothi which means –House of Four Faces. It was so named owing to its unique design. Each side of the Kothi represents an image of another buildings of Lucknow. The front of the Kothi looks like an imitation of Dilkusha Palace while the back portion is similar to Kothi Farhat Baksh. The other two sides were constructed as per the architectural pattern of Musabagh Palace. This historical building has been famous as the Palace of Qudasia Mahal, the innocent Begum [wife] of Nawab Nasir-ud—din Haider. It is said that Begum Quadasia had decided to consume poison when the Nawab once expressed doubts over her faithfulness. The grief stricken Nawab Nasiruddin Haider realised his mistake but it was too late. All the efforts to save her proved futile and Kudasia Mahal left this world on 21 August 1834. She was just 24 years old at the time of her death.

During British time, this Kothi was used for residence of various engineers. At present, the building houses the Medical Heath Directorate of Uttar Pradesh government.