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Kothi Noor Baksh (Light giving Palace), presently residence of Lucknow’ DM, was constructed by sixth Nawab of Lucknow Nawab Saadat Ali Khan.

This Kothi was constructed by Nawab for his son Sadik Ali Khan. It is a two -storied kothi and situated in Hazratrganj. After the death of Nawab Saadat Ali Khan, it became the residence of Aaga Meer, who worked as Vazeer to Nawab’s son Gazi-ud-Din Haider. The authentic emblem (two fishes) of Awadh can still be seen here engraved on a marble stone. You can view this Kothi only from outside as it is residence of DM, Lucknow.

Nur Baksh Kothi is one of the few buildings of the age where the earliest authentic emblem of the rulers of Awadh can be seen in marble.