The Kushk Mahal is a three-story palace located in Fathabad, on the Isagarh Road 4 km from Chanderi proper. It is built on a square plan with a vaulted hall on each side facing a small square central courtyard. Within each of the four gateways are stairs leading to the upper stories. Inscriptions to the right of the stairs indicate that it was built during the governorship of Malik Mallu Sultani, which would date it to around 1432/835 AH, but a conflicting inscription in the Aliya Baoli, a stepwell located near the Kuhk Mahal, mentions the construction of a palace in 1499/904 AH. There are remains of a fourth story, and it is not clear if this monument is the fabled seven-story palace constructed by Mahmud Khalji in 1445/848 AH in Fathabad.