The Kut Festival is an Autumn festival of the different tribes of Kuki-Chin-Mizo groups of people in Manipur. The festival has been variously described at different places amongst different tribes as Chavang-Kut or Khodou. It is a happy occasion for the villagers whose stock of food is plentiful after a year of tremendous hard labour. The Kut Festival is a thanks giving festival which includes songs and dances along with marry making. The festival is observed every year in the honor of the giver of an abundant harvest. Similar to the Kut Festival, a harvest season festival is observed every year in the state of Punjab. This festival is known as Baisakhi celebrated on the first day of Baisakh every year. This time of the year the whole harvest is gathered and the farmer jubilates in the accomplishment of his hard work throughout the year. The fair and festival of Baisakhi is an expression of prosperity and hence is enjoyed along with singing and dancing.

The Kut Festival is celebrated in Manipur every year on the 1st of November.